Corporate Travel Team Program


If you've wanted to bring more of your global travel buyer team to GBTA Conference 2017 | Toronto, but haven't had the budget, you'll have new opportunities for all of your team members to experience GBTA Conference 2017! The Corporate Travel Team Program will help you bring your entire global corporate travel team to this event, at a price you can afford.

Here’s how it works:

Organizations will receive unlimited complimentary buyer registrations after the first three (3) paid registrations from within their organization. Attendees must be active, direct members of GBTA in order to qualify.

Organizations bringing more than four (4) buyers will receive:

  • Existing buyer registrants will receive a complimentary registration for Human Resources and/or Risk and Security leads within their organization.

GBTA Conference 2017 | Toronto is truly embracing the theme of Balance through the Corporate Travel Team Program and we hope you will too. If you are ready to begin the process for your organization, please contact