Jacques Cloutier

Vice President, Operations Branch

Jacques Cloutier was appointed Vice-President of the Operations Branch on November 27, 2017. Prior to his roles as Associate Vice-President of the Operations Branch and as Director General for the International Region, he held a number of senior executive positions related to national security at Public Safety, the Privy Council Office and the Communications Security Establishment.

He began his professional career in 1987, and as a reservist deployed to the former Yugoslavia as part of the United Nations Protection Force Canadian contingent. Upon completion of this mission, he joined the United Nations Volunteers and later the UN Department of Peace Keeping Operations as a civilian member and as a technical advisor in the context of peacekeeping missions in Africa's Great Lakes region and in Angola.

In 1995, Jacques joined the Organization of American States and was part of the joint OAS/UN human rights mission in Haiti. His work involved the investigation of human rights violations alleged to have been committed by Agents of the State, capacity building and strengthening of government structures, principally in the policing, judicial and detention sectors.

He is a graduate of the Université de Sherbrooke and joined the Public Service in 2002, after completing a Master's Degree in Business Administration.