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Mama Pasiyio

Kenyan Women's Leader
WE Village

When you empower a woman, you empower an entire community. Just ask Mama Pasiyio, a proud artisan and mother who is helping lead ME to WE Artisans in Kenya. Mama Pasiyio works with women from across Narok County helping them turn their traditional beading skills into a thriving businesses. When mothers like Mama Pasiyio are given the tools and opportunity to earn a living, they are in a position to provide for their children. They are able to send them to school, give them access to healthcare and ensure they don’t have to go to work to help support the family. This empowerment gives women more freedom to shape their own lives, giving them the opportunity to act as role models to the generation of girls behind them.

Life in Narok County isn’t always easy for families. Many women in Pasiyio’s community, Ntulele, have struggled to care for their families without the means to earn an income. A lack of safe and clean water nearby has also been a major challenge for the community. Many women and girls spend hours each day fetching water from often contaminated sources, preventing them from going to school. To combat this, WE is working in partnership with local communities to create solutions to these challenges—such as building wells, hand-washing stations, latrines and providing water and sanitation education. Helping girls obtain an education has a direct impact on the health and welfare of their families and communities.