Nancy Medoff

Founder & CMO
Athena Wise

I believe in long-term results through high performing and truly engaged teams. Leveraging human connection to drive sales resulting in top-line, sustainable results. Combining deep insights on organizational structure, team motivation and performance training and in doing so creating a "Culture of Can".

A visionary change advocate and innovative hospitality executive, I am best known for developing high-performing sales teams and industry leaders through practical management, interactive training and insightful motivation.

My consulting and speaking engagements have taken me across the U.S. and Europe to spearhead several sales and leadership workshops including Leading Through Change, Creating a Winning Sales Culture and Motivating High-Performance Teams and I’ve worked with one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, several hotel brands including Best Western International and The Castle Hill Inn, and WINiT for Women.

I am currently adjunct professor at Boston University teaching Strategic Marketing and Sales Management and the co-founder, co-chair, and keynote speaker for Boston University’s Women’s Leadership Conference.

A travel aficionado and fitness ninja, I am a two-time Marathoner and avid Soul-Cycle enthusiast. For me, life is an ongoing journey to pursue one’s passions and create a compelling and dynamic personal brand.