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Plan Your Trip to GBTA Conference 2023 | Toronto

Make the most of your time and ensure that you attend the sessions and events that are most relevant and beneficial to you. It also allows you to block out time for any one-on-one meetings or networking opportunities that you may have planned with other attendees or exhibitors. You can also plan your time at the conference so that you can have time to explore Toronto. Looking for even more details? Check out the minute-by-minute agenda for Main Stage, Education, and even more here.

Monday, May 15

Opening Main Stage & Reception

Monday’s Opening Main Stage starts at 4:00 PM and is followed by an Opening Reception in Expo Hall at 5PM.

Education Sessions

Education Sessions are a staple at GBTA Conferences. They provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about new developments, best practices, and industry trends in their field. The conference will have twelve total education sessions spread across each day during the Conference. 

Connect First

Are you a first-time attendee, a young professional, who recently transitioned into the business travel sector or returning professional? Get the most out of your Conference experience with the Connect First program.
Keep an eye out for more information about the Connect First open house, lounge, and more!

Tuesday, May 16

Main Stage

Tuesday features two Main Stage sessions, one at 9 AM and another at 12:15 PM. The morning session will set the tone for the day by exploring industry topics. The afternoon Main Stage will feature a plated lunch and a notable speaker sharing an inspiring and thought-provoking keynote.


At GBTA Conference 2023 | Toronto, exhibitors will reconnect and showcase new services and products with business travel professionals in the Expo Hall. Buyers and suppliers continue to rely on valuable face-to-face meetings to maintain industry relationships and discover new business opportunities.
Check out the expo floor map to see who’s exhibiting.

Travel Talks

GBTA is committed to identifying and exposing emerging and innovative technology to help transform Canadian business travel & meetings. Our Travel Talks provide companies with a space to pitch their tech innovation.

Big Night Out

The Big Night Out is the highly anticipated networking event of the conference! Join your fellow attendees off-site for an after-hours event to relax, have fun, and hang out! Keep an eye out, theme to be announced soon!

Wednesday, May 17

Direct Talk Breakfast Session

GBTA recognizes the importance of peer networking and best practice sharing. Our unique Direct Talks allow buyer members to gather and exchange ideas. Join GBTA and your fellow buyers for an exclusive networking session over breakfast.

Main Stage

The closing Main Stage and lunch session will leave you with deeper insights into the business travel industry, something to take with you after the Conference.