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Markus Trapp

Director & Head of Sales DACH, CWT

Markus Trapp is Director & Head of Sales DACH at Travel Management Platform company CWT. In his 26 years at CWT, Markus has touched every part of the travel business. From his apprenticeship years as a Travel Counselor on a native GDS through the digitalization and agile platform he and his team effectively promote.

Growing up as the son of a winemaker, Markus learnt first-hand how to weather the peaks and troughs of business, knowing the next opportunity is no more than 12 months away. A family man and dedicated father of three who all enjoying camping, preferably in sunny destinations close to the water ideally the sea, allows Markus to balance work with play. Cycling, running and walking in the nature is his recipe to ensure wellbeing and stay positive anytime.

Markus graduated from the Baden-Wuerttemberg State University (DHBW Ravensburg) with a B.A. and Diploma in Business Administration, Digital Business Management, Travel and Mobility.