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Convince Your Boss

Get your investment for GBTA Canada Conference 2024 | Toronto approved.

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Top Tips Getting Conference Approved

Have a Plan: Planning your responsibilities and company goals while in Toronto and your plans for the office when you’re gone will show your boss that you’re not just taking time off from work. It’s never too soon to start planning ahead!

Explain the Hidden Benefits: Although you want to show your boss that coming to GBTA Canada Conference 2024 | Toronto isn’t just time away from the office, explain the not-so-obvious benefits, such as having the time to address concerns you’re too busy to get to on a day-to-day basis or simply the time to clear your headspace to return with different perspectives about your corporate travel program.

Understand Your Boss’s Interests: Highlight the exhibitors, hundreds of speakers and additional networking opportunities that could help bring your boss’s vision to life. If they’ve expressed interest in a particular industry trend or new product or service, GBTA Canada Conference 2024 | Toronto is the perfect opportunity to experience these interests firsthand!

Show Why Relationships Matter: Connecting with your industry peers doesn’t just benefit your personal career. It’s also a great way to establish new partnerships, recruit future employees and build your company’s brand.