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Convince Your Boss

Justify your attendance at GBTA Conference 2023 | Toronto with these tips and letter template

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Hotel Accommodations

Book your hotel stay directly at one of these hotels in downtown Toronto to take advantage of discounted rates

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Exhibitor Resources

Exhibitor Service Manual

Your go-to resource for all things GBTA Convention 2023

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Exhibitor Center
First impressions matter, even online. Ensure your organization is making an impact by utilizing the Digital Company Profile set up and managing complimentary and paid registrations too.

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Exhibitor Registration Instructions
Registration rates are increasing as we get closer to GBTA Conference 2023 | Toronto. Lock in your registration rate.

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Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations

All Conference exhibitors must follow the IAEE Guidelines for Display Rules and Regulations as well as the GBTA Canada Addendum for booth design

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